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Conscious parenting creates space for a child to be fully seen, heard, validated, respected and unconditionally loved.

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One to one 60 minute calls with an experience, qualified parenting coach.

A tailored plan where you are taken through a unique 13 step process which looks at the way you are currently parenting and what you can do to move forward.

Recommended resources, materials to further you in your development outside of your personal one to one calls.

How it works

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Fiona is the best listener I have ever encountered, and I have probably seen 9-10 counsellors in my lifetime. he provided great insight, asked important questions, held space, provided validation and motivation.  I was sad at the end of the 10 weeks that I would no longer be working with her.  She is simply the best.”

“Since working on my parenting consistency is improving, I have more belief in myself and my abilities. The feelings of isolation have subsided as my relationships have improved. I have found my fear, anxiety and self blame have decreased and now empathy is my go to.”

“I am NOT a permissive parent anymore. During my sessions with Fiona I really learnt about my inner child wounds and the effect it has had in my life. I worked through this and now I feel more worthy and I am thriving”

“Fiona supported me in a patient, kind and non judgemental way and I found her to be very helpful, encouraging and supportive. I  found Fiona always to be approachable and professional.”

“Working with Fiona has been such a huge mind shift change and incredibly challenging work but I am not more informed, accomplished, happier and less stressed.”

About Fiona

The core of Fiona’s work consists of a therapeutic, conscious relationship that she collaboratively builds with her clients. Fiona provides an empathic, validating approach ensuring clients have the safe space to feel seen, heard, validated and understood as she understands many adults didn’t have these crucial needs met in childhood. Fiona’s work uniquely combines therapy with coaching which helps clients connect their past with their present so they can progressively move forward.

Many aspects of coaching are future focused without acknowledging the importance of understanding the past – in particular childhood. When a client can’t make sense of their past experiences they struggle to understand why they can’t reach their goals which is why Fiona’s approach combines both the past and the present.

Fiona Ng parenting coach

What is Conscious Parenting?

Conscious parenting is about being conscious and self aware when interacting and engaging with your children.

Conscious parenting is about deeply connecting with the child in front of you and not the child you fantasize about having. Often this requires a parent to let go of their own ego, desires, high expectations and heavy burdens to release the child to be exactly who they want to be – to be their authentic selves.

The term “Conscious Parenting” became more well known when Dr Shefali Tsabary ( world-renowned clinical psychologist) appeared on the Oprah show to discuss her book “The Conscious Parent.”

Conscious parenting requires you to look beneath the behaviour that a child is displaying, instead striving to meet a child’s needs for connection, helping them with self regulation and being their emotional coach.


Key Components of Conscious Parenting



  • Conscious parenting requires a parent to be in relationship with the child seeing a child separate from themselves. Not as a “mini me” or a child to live their own desires through.
  • A conscious parent is attuned to the feelings of a child. Understanding that there are big feelings going on behind outward behaviour.
  • A conscious parent strives to ‘respond’ to a child’s needs opposed to reacting.
  • A conscious parent takes care of their own needs and can self regulate their emotions in a healthy manner so they can then hold space for their child’s big feelings.
  • A conscious parent is not a permissive parent. A conscious parent has boundaries set peacefully with love and respect for the child.
  • A conscious parent recognises what stage of development their child is in and sets age appropriate rules, boundaries and expectations.
  • A conscious parent is present and engaged with a child, not just physically but also emotionally.
  • A conscious parent does not judge a child’s feelings, instead allowing space for their feelings to pass through and validating a child’s experience.
  • A conscious parent is aware of their own emotional state when in conflict with their child