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Happy Me Parent Coaching

It’s not easy being a parent. Many parents feel alone and unsupported when it comes to understanding how to best support their children. Whether you are struggling with the toddler years or experiencing difficulties in communication with your older children, Happy Me Parent Parent Coaching is here to support you every step of the way. Helping parents get to the root of their child’s behaviour so families can have more peace, calm and connection in their households.

Helping you Create Calm, Connection and Presence in your Parenting

Conscious parenting creates space for a child to be fully seen, heard, validated, respected and unconditionally loved.

What you get at Happy Me Parent Coaching?

One to one 60 minute calls with an experience, qualified parenting coach.

A tailored plan where you are taken through a unique 13 step process which looks at the way you are currently parenting and what you can do to move forward.

Recommended resources, materials to further help you in your development outside of your personal one to one calls.

“Working with Fiona has been such a huge mind shift change and incredibly challenging work but I am not more informed, accomplished, happier and less stressed.”

“Fiona supported me in a patient, kind and non judgemental way and I found her to be very helpful, encouraging and supportive. I  found Fiona always to be approachable and professional.”

“I am NOT a permissive parent anymore. During my sessions with Fiona I really learnt about my inner child wounds and the effect it has had in my life. I worked through this and now I feel more worthy and I am thriving”

"“Since working on my parenting consistency is improving, I have more belief in myself and my abilities. The feelings of isolation have subsided as my relationships have improved. I have found my fear, anxiety and self blame have decreased and now empathy is my go to.”

“Fiona is the best listener I have ever encountered, and I have probably seen 9-10 counsellors in my lifetime. he provided great insight, asked important questions, held space, provided validation and motivation.  I was sad at the end of the 10 weeks that I would no longer be working with her.  She is simply the best."

About Fiona


Welcome to Happy Me Parenting. I’m Fiona Ng and I’m a Parent Coach and trainee Somatic Experiencing practitioner working remotely from my home in North Tyneside in the UK with parents worldwide.

I have significant hands-on experience of working with parents and families in unique contexts for over 5 years.

I began my Parent Coach training through the Jai Institute of Parenting, hold qualifications in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), I’m a qualified Positive Parenting workshop facilitator, have completed Dr Gabor Maté’s Compassionate Inquiry course level 1 and I am currently undertaking Dr Peter Levine’s three year training in Somatic Experiencing. (SE™)

I was one of the first Jai Parent Coaches here in the UK and have offered coaching and mentoring for other Jai parent coaches around the world.

My work consists of a therapeutic, conscious relationship that I collaboratively build with my parent clients. I provide an empathic, validating approach ensuring parents have the safe space to feel seen, heard, validated and understood as  many adults didn’t have these crucial needs met in childhood. My coaching helps clients connect their past with their present so they can progressively move forward.

After working with parents for several years I started to see one of the main problems parents were experiencing was that they had consumed all the parenting books, spent hours on google, listened to the podcasts and followed the parenting social media accounts but still struggled to know what to do in a moment where they were triggered by their child’s behaviour. Because of this I am interested in working in a more embodied way which led me down the route of exploring Somatic Experiencing. Parents often cognitively understand exactly what they need to be doing to help their child however they often haven’t been able to integrate or embody this knowledge on a nervous system level – so this is where I come in!

I have a long-list of high-profile clients who have sought parenting help from me for  a variety of problems including temper tantrums, bad behaviour, issues with bonding, refusal to listen and anger issues. 

I work with parents from across the world including Dubai, Australia, America and the UK.  Most parents who have worked with me as their Parent Coach have said the work they have done has been life changing. You can read more reviews from past parenting clients by clicking here: 

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