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Parent Case Study 1

This parent came to me with concerns around her own anger, being permissive and giving in to her strong willed child. This parent is a busy working parent who also home schools.

Ages of children: (1) and (3)

Parent Case Study 2

This parent is a working parent who coparents with her ex partner and was struggling with being permissive and found herself shouting at her kids when she was at her limit

Ages of children: (2) and (5)

Parent Case Study 3

This parent is a solo parent raising her son. She struggled with boundaries, co sleeping, his needs being overshadowed by hers. Feeling stuck and isolated and had struggled her whole life with self doubt.

Age of child: (7)

This parent contacted me as lockdown began due to COVID-19. This parent had concerns about her two sons who didn’t listen or carry out her requests until she defaulted to shouting or resorting to threats. She knew deep down that she didn’t want to parent that way but she didn’t know how to implement a more positive effective approach.

Ages of children (10) and (12)

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