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    Hello! And a quick intro if you’re new. I’m Fiona, I’m a Parenting Expert and Coach. I help families all over the world have more peace, harmony, calm and connection. I have clients telling me I’m one of the best listeners they have ever encountered (just don’t tell my partner, as my skills may not always transfer over to him!)

    I live just outside Newcastle upon Tyne, about ten minutes away from our beautiful coastline. I have two daughters age 4 and 5 who keep me busy when I’m not working and helping parents.

    My biggest passion in life is spreading the word of conscious parenting. I believe that if more parents adapt a conscious parenting style we can literally change the world! I know, it’s a big statement but the way we parent impacts everything from a child’s mental wellbeing to how they deal with life stressors as adults. When a child isn’t seen, heard, respected, understood and unconditionally loved they go through life with many limiting beliefs which affect the way they see and experience the world. Often today, there’s many adults who don’t feel “good enough” feel like they “don’t matter’“ or even worse they think “no one cares about them.” These internal stories are often linked to the way our parents spoke to us… (but I’ll stop there as I could literally write pages about conscious parenting!)