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The Conscious Parenting UK Podcast

conscious parenting uk podcast with sallianne robinson and fiona ng

Joining forces with my wonderful friend and parenting colleague Sallianne Robinson to bring you “Conscious Parenting UK” the podcast.

After hours and hours of talks about our passion for parenting and the early years we finally decided to record our conversations so parents can tune in and find some support as we bring to you episodes on everything from childhood trauma, the education system, playful parenting, tantrums, nervous system regulation, brain science  just to name a few! 

All topics will be covered in our weekly conversations where we discuss things we’ve learnt in our own parenting journeys and some of the most common issues that our parenting clients come to us for help with.

Together we bring a wealth of experience coming from very different career backgrounds but with the same shared passion to change the paradigm of parenting and break generational parenting patterns!

We hope you tune in. Our podcast can be found on Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google, Amazon Music and YouTube.

If you do listen we would love to hear from you and welcome any questions or topics you would like us to discuss in upcoming episodes.

Want To Learn How To Be a Conscious Parent?