Frequently Asked Questions

Conscious parenting is exactly in the name – it’s being conscious to how we are parenting. It’s being a conscious observer and looking in the mirror that our children hold up to us. Our children are our greatest teachers and they always show us the areas where we need to do the work.

The first call is where I get to know a bit about you and your family. I will ask a series of questions to understand what your intention for parenting coaching is and what you hope to gain from working with me. The first call is not a coaching call as I really need to understand a bit more about your situation and your family life.

In the coaching sessions a safe space is created so you can talk about the week that has gone by and any particular struggles you have been experiencing with your child/children. Not many of us have many people in our lives who deeply listen without judgement. These coaching sessions are a chance for you to offload and share what ever you like with no judgement. The sessions are based around a process which will help you uncover limiting beliefs and create solutions for moving forward. This is a journey and it’s recommended you have at least 5 sessions to get the most out of them. As Dr Shefali Tsabary says we don’t become conscious parents over night – it’s life long work and takes a minimum of two years fully submerging yourself in this work.
They are set up via Zoom conference line – you will be sent a unique link to log into the call each week. This is teleconference only so you don’t have to worry about being on video.
Yes, given we can figure out a convenient time for both of us I work in different time zones.
Anyone who wants to grow and change and those who are committed to investing in themselves. It is important you show up to the calls. On call one you will have an opportunity to tell me about your default patterns and anything that may prevent you showing up to the calls, this way I can keep you accountable.

No, because your child is not broken. Working with me will help you be more self aware, will help you understand your child’s wants and needs and you will find over time you will be able to emotionally attune better and be your child’s emotional coach. Not only that but you as a person will change.

These coaching sessions are transformational providing you allow yourself to go deeper and to acknowledge how much of your own childhood impacts you in your parenting. Sessions can be uncomfortable but if you push through the pain barrier and keep showing up for yourself that’s where you will experience the biggest growth. In the beginning of my own personal journey I hated showing up for my own coach and resisted so much of the inner work but I wouldn’t be where I am today if I didn’t work through that.
If you are pregnant and want to be prepared for your parenting journey I can certainly look at putting a short programme together for you. I love pregnancy and it is a beautiful season. I can either do 1-1 coaching sessions or tailor a programme for you.

I get it. It is an investment. And I know from my own personal experiences that if you want something you will always find a way. We find ways to book holidays, go out for meals and drinks but we resist spending money on things that are actually going to help us, this is because it’s so unfamiliar to us. I do have payment plan options and people are more than welcome to work with me when they are financially ready. (I never want people to get into debt to work with me) I believe everything comes together exactly as it’s meant to at the right time.

Yes – Keep an eye out for local workshops in Newcastle upon Tyne once the Covid situation improves and it is safe to gather again.

If you are a company or organisation and would like to book me to speak please contact me to discuss your requirements. I can speak on a variety of topics from the impact of Childhood emotional neglect, how to talk so kids will listen and listen so kids will talk, conscious co parenting, toddler tantrums and the inner child

Ideally it is best to book at least one week in advance as a form will be sent to you prior to the call to fill out. Also this means I can work out my schedule for the week. You can book by clicking here: Book Now


Please note that parenting coaching is not a substitute for therapy. If you have deeper issues or severe mental health problems you will be advised to seek the appropriate therapy and support.