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Parenting Coaching

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You may not know why you are struggling so much and through careful questioning and inquiry you will be able to see what has been getting in the way. This could be related to your own childhood and upbringing.

You will be provided with practical tools that you can take away after a session and can implement straight away into your family life.

What happens on a parenting coaching session?

So you’re ready to get some help and support in your parenting yet you are slightly apprehensive about what to expect this is completely normal and you are in safe hands at Happy Me Parenting.

Parent coaching gives youan opportunity to discuss current parenting struggles, there is no judgement and everything is kept confidential.

During your parent coaching session you may want guidance around a specific struggle such as your child not listening or the fact you are always having to shout at your kids. We will work together to get to the root of the problem and find new solutions for interacting and engaging with your children.

I'm not sure if parent coaching is what I need?

I am yet to encounter a parent who does not struggle. Many parents can feel shame around reaching out and asking for help in their parenting however no one taught us how to be parents and we don’t walk out of hospital with a manual on “how to be a parent.” Parents who acknowledge they are struggling and reach out for parenting help find they are more supported, educated and well informed than those parents who don’t seek help.

During your one to one sessions you can work through any feelings you are struggling with. Many parents feel guilt, shame, anger and impatience amongst other feelings. Parents comment after several sessions that they feel more calm, patient and empathetic towards their children.

A parent coaching session gives you an opportunity to feel truly seen and heard. Many adults don't experience this in their day to day life as perhaps their partners aren't great at listening or people that are close to them don't have the emotional skills to offer the compassion and empathy that they need.

You will have more clarity after your parent coaching sessions and know exactly what actions to take with your children. You may be set some work to do in between your sessions or you may receive book recommendations that apply to your particular situation.

Your one to one sessions allow you to work through issues at your own pace. Some parents get comfort from just having someone actively listen to their struggles without judgement or unsolicited advice given.

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Parent coaching sessions

All sessions are through audio calls on Zoom. This means that I work with parents world wide given our time zones work. I am in Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and have worked with clients in England, America, Dubai, Singapore, Canada, Australia, Peru.. amongst others.

* If you struggle with tech – no problem, some parents do their sessions via whats app calls. I will do my best to accommodate your requests.


Parenting session costs.

£65 for a 45 minute initial parent consult call. 

£80 per hour for a one to one parenting session (price higher for couples)

12 week Ultimate Parenting Success Course – from £1650

Concessionary prices available for those on single or low incomes* Please just ask.

Terms & Conditions

1.  The fee is payable in full before your parenting session begins.

2. Payment is via BACS or Paypal for those outside the UK

3. I do not give medical advice or diagnose your child. Should you feel your child needs medical assistant you should consult the the relevant qualified medical professional before booking a call.


Want help in your parenting? Then what are you waiting for?