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Talk Radio: Chris McGovern, Fiona Ng and Ian Collins

Chris McGovern and Fiona Ng Live with Ian Collins at Talk Radio - Should Children Be Told Their behaviour is good or bad

Talk Radio: Debate with Chris Mccgovern and Ian Collins

Should Children Be Told Their Behaviour is ‘good’ or ‘bad?’

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On Tuesday 12th October I was asked to go live on talk radio with Chris McGovern and Ian Collins to discuss should children be told their behaviour is ‘good’ or ‘bad’. You can read the full article here.

An independent school has banned teachers from using the words “good” and “bad” when describing pupils’ behaviour to prevent them from feeling guilty. I was asked for my views can you guess which side I was on?

Authoritarian Education: Harsh and Punitive

You can watch the full segment here where I talk to two interview seasoned men and discuss my opinions.

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