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Parent Coaching in the Press

There’s a new parenting coach on TV screens, and she’s doing things very differently to Supernanny.

Fiona Ng, who runs Happy Me Parenting, specialises in ‘conscious parenting’, and has a long-list of high-profile clients who have sought help from Ms Ng over a variety of problems including temper tantrums, bad behaviour, issues with bonding, refusal to listen and anger issues.

Conscious parenting has really taken off in America, but it’s certainly up-and-coming in the UK.

“Firstly, it isn’t a parenting method or a style, it’s about searching and recognising any negative parenting patterns we have picked up from our own childhood and upbringing, and learning how we can change them to improve our own parenting.

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“It’s about connecting with your child and understanding why a child is behaving in a certain way, because there is always a reason.”

Ms Ng said there is still a misconception around how ‘conscious parenting’, or ‘gentle parenting’, works however – with people often assuming it means parents who believe in it are “pushovers”.

“Just conscious parenting doesn’t mean that your child will rule the roost,” said Ms Ng. “Instead we focus on handling children’s emotions without punishment, settling boundaries and and teaching emotional regulation.”

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