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What other parents say

fiona ng sat on wall in santorini branding shoot for Happy Me Parent Coaching

Fiona Ng is a Parenting Coach with significant hands-on experience of working with parents and families in unique contexts. Fiona has spend hundreds of hours working with parents from all over the world. You can read about their experience doing the Ultimate Parenting Success Programme below.

“Fiona supported me in a patient, kind and non judgemental way and I found her to be very helpful, encouraging and supportive. I  found Fiona always to be approachable and professional.”

“Before working with Fiona I had the logical information. I had read the books and was well informed. But I needed help and support to implement authenticity and emotion to my parenting.”

“Fiona NG has to be the best parenting coach in the uk, please anyone debating wether to do this, just do it, the money time and investment is something that sets you up amazingly for the future and makes you a better parent with a much wider skill set to cope going forward”




“Since working on my parenting consistency is improving, I have more belief in myself and my abilities. The feelings of isolation have subsided as my relationships have improved. I have found my fear, anxiety and self blame have decreased and now empathy is my go to.”


“Fiona Ng is an awesome parenting coach. She is thoughtful, experienced, compassionate, and a great listener. I learned so much in working with her and my relationship with my son is noticeably stronger and closer. I am better able to meet him where he is at and feel more confident in my parenting approach. So grateful to have had the chance to work with Fiona!”

-Jennifer, Psychologist (2023)




“I would say to anyone on the fence about doing the ultimate parenting success course, whether you are a first time mum or in it a few years like myself. Go for it. You have nothing to loose but absolutely everything to gain. It’s a journey and an investment that’s invaluable.”






“Working with Fiona has been such a huge mind shift change and incredibly challenging work but I am now more informed, accomplished, happier and less stressed.”



“I am NOT a permissive parent anymore. During my sessions with Fiona I really learnt about my inner child wounds and the effect it has had in my life. I worked through this and now I feel more worthy and I am thriving.”

“Initially I wasn’t aware of my emotions and how internally stressed I was which would lead to explosions.

I can now acknowledge my thoughts, feelings and needs so now I can acknowledge my sons. I now validate their feelings and hold space for them.”



“Fiona encouraged me and gave me confidence to implement the tools and strategies that a book could never give. She would listen to the situations that had occurred and gave me practical tips and advice about how to deal with them. She would then recap and ask how things went the following week and if anything had changed. I do a lot of what she recommended with my children and the relationship with my children has flourished.”


“This process is worth it.  I thought of it as an investment in myself and my family’s future, and my goal was simply to be a better parent, and I just didn’t have the skills, and this process provides that.  The time investment is worth it, because you really get to work on the process, you get to explore your inner workings, you learn new skills.  I would say if you feel called to do this process, there is a reason for that and I do not think you will regret it.”


“Fiona felt like a life long friend by the time the sessions were done. I was so sad for this part of my journey to be over . She “holds your hand” through all the process making it feel safe. She’s like that encouraging, patient, kind loving mom you didn’t have.
She holds space so beautifully for you to express yourself and just be without judgement. She truly is an angel.”

“Our emotional vocabulary is so extensive in our family now.
We can name our feelings 
and ask for what we need at that moment. We take accountability for our actions and create space for growth.”

“There are many changes I’ve experienced in my family since working with Fiona. We are now having better conversations, we are checking in more often, I am a better listener, I am holding space more versus trying to control and fix things, which has led to frustration before.  I am listening to my children.  My family is by no means perfect, however I do now say that I am a conscious parent, and it’s one of those things that once you see it, you can’t unsee it.  I feel validated as a parent thanks to Fiona, and I know where my own healing needs to continue.  There are still frustrating days, and days where it all feels overwhelming, however I feel like we can recover faster now and we can communicate better.”



“I am more present with my children now. I understand where their frustrations are coming from, we are having more conversations (my children are 8 & 11), I am taking better care of myself.  

I decided to take this course for me.  I knew my children were not an issue, I knew I was the one who needed to make adjustments and that would lead to better interactions with my children.”


” Sometimes the books aren’t enough and you need one to one support to talk through real time life events and scenarios. Fiona was able to offer that realtime support to go over situations that had recently happened with my kids to be offered reframes and different perspectives.”

“I would recommend the 10 week ultimate parenting success course to anyone who has or plans on having children. Do it. If not for your children do it for yourself.”

“It was the first time I had someone to talk to and who didn’t make me feel judged. I felt very seen and heard by Fiona and it means alot. It helped me take the steps to begin some deeper work on my childhood trauma.”



“Fiona is like the Mom I didn’t have. She just listens. Doesn’t try to fix anything. Just helps you navigate challenging areas. She teaches you how to feel your feelings which was something so new to me.”


Fiona is the best listener I have ever encountered, and I have probably seen 9-10 counsellors in my lifetime. We live in different countries and although I had to get up super early to make our phone calls, Fiona was always ready and prepared for our chats, even if I was tired.  She provided great insight, asked important questions, held space, provided validation and motivation.  I was sad at the end of the 10 weeks that I would no longer be working with her.  She is simply the best. “


“Fiona was always supporting and empathetic. Providing lots of good information and recommendations for books to read. Fiona was always flexible with timing and scheduling when I was not able to make the calls. I felt like I could always be myself and be honest sharing my experience.”


“I really felt like you listened and validated my experience and I felt heard. I always enjoyed our calls and you were able to give insightful feedback from the perspective of a child.”