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Assurance: Parents and Carers

assurance parents and carers care support and guidance

About Assurance Parents and Carers

With over 40 years of experience in social care, Debra Gibbs, founder of  Assurance: Parents and Carers (APAC) has created an independent franchised support group open to all parents and carers of Social Care Experienced children and young people.

The aim of the group is to provide supplementary support to Adoptive parents and Foster Carers, so to benefit the Social Care sector, improving recruitment, retention, availability and placement choice.  Gone are the days when you could pick up the phone to your Family Placement Social Worker and ask for informal advice; Social Workers would be the first to admit, that their workload does not allow them to respond in this way.

The unique franchise model and Central Office back-up includes a community of experts that can offer members the chance to chat 7 days a week, wherever you live in the UK whenever you need it, impartially and confidentially, because we understand that there are times when all you need is an experienced second opinion.

All the Franchisees are trained in Child Protection and have a good working knowledge of National Fostering and Adoption Standards. They can call on Central Office Supervision 24/7 and understand fully, the perimeters of APAC support. The APAC Members Forum is monitored, and content is checked both centrally and locally before comments are published.

Assurance Parents and Carers is not a replacement for Supervising Social Workers, they are not here to challenge a care plan. It is not for APAC to intervene, interrupt or involve itself in any child or young person’s provision, but to listen, support, encourage and empower; to ‘put a collective arm around’ Carers and Parents of Social Care Experienced Children and Young People to engage with the child’s plan or young person’s pathway; this having been developed through due process by Courts and Statutory Services. It is vital that this is understood by all.

You can read more about Assurance Parents and Carers by clicking here

Our aim is to support, guide, and care for Parents and Carers of Social Care Experienced (SCE) children and young people, in line with the Paramountcy Principle* and Government Guidance*, thereby complimenting Fostering and Adoption Services.