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Prenatal Parent Coaching

pregnant woman sitting on window ledge wearing pink active wear

You will be provided with practical tools that you can take away after a session and can implement straight away into your family life.

During these sessions you will be able to reflect on your own childhood, what parenting style you were raised with and discuss your vision for how you want to parent.

Many pregnant parents comment that these sessions are like "self-care". They learn to identify their needs, find positive ways to express and communicate these needs to ensure they are well supported by those around them in pregnancy.

Parent to be coaching sessions will help you be more informed, equipped with conscious parenting knowledge and will completely change the trajectory of your parenting journey.

What happens on a parent coaching session?

Pregnancy is the perfect time to be focusing on conscious parenting. Many parents focus on the nursery decor, baby names and baby clothes yet don’t always put as much focus into what type of parent they want to be (which is actually much more important than the nursery decor!)

So if you are already thinking about conscious parenting, what type of parent you want to be and what parenting style you want to adapt you are going to be giving your child the best start in life!

In a session you will have an opportunity to discuss your parenting fears and worries and explore how you would like to navigate through these feelings.

During your coaching session you may want guidance around a specific struggle such as you and your partner having different ideas about how to raise children or how to have boundaries with in-laws and other family members.

You will have a safe, non judgemental space to be supported through your pregnancy.

These sessions will give you an opportunity to develop emotional intelligence and explore how you currently deal with your feelings. You will develop a better awareness of how you experience and feel your feelings as this will really impact how you show up as a paren.

I'm not sure if parent to be coaching is what I need?

I am yet to encounter a parent who knows how to parent. Often the only blueprint we have for “how to parent” is from the parenting style we were raised with and many of us don’t want to repeat that parenting pattern. 

Today we have knowledge at the touch of a button but often new parents in particular can become overwhelmed with all the information out there. New parents can become bombarded by unsolicited advice, feel judged in their parenting choices and feel a lot of shame/guilt when comparing to other parents in particular online.

Parent to be coaching sessions will help you start your journey on the right foot. You will become empowered in your decisions, confident in your parenting style and learn how to be present and attuned to your child’s needs. You already have everything you need within yourself to be the best parent to your child, you may just need some gentle guidance and encouragement to learn how to tap into your inner greatness!

You will have more clarity after your coaching sessions and know exactly what actions to take within your family. You may be set some work to do in between your sessions or you may receive book recommendations that apply to your particular situation.

Your one to one sessions allow you to work through issues at your own pace. Some parents get comfort from just having someone actively listen to their struggles without judgement or unsolicited advice given.

How do sessions take place?

All sessions are through audio calls on Zoom. This means that I work with parents world wide given our time zones work. I am in Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and have worked with clients in England, America, Dubai, Singapore, Canada, Australia, Peru.. amongst others.

* If you struggle with tech – no problem, some parents do their sessions via whats app calls. I will do my best to accommodate your requests.

Parent Coaching Session Fees

Ultimate Parenting Success Course £999 – 10 week online programme with x 10 one to one coaching sessions which take place via zoom. 

Initial Telephone Consultation – £50 for 45 minutes. This call allows you to discuss your current concerns and you will be given some insight in the best way to move forward.

Prenatal Coaching Session – £65 for 60 minutes


How do I book a coaching session?

To book a session please fill out the short contact form here and I will get back to you within 48 hours.

Want help in your parenting? Then what are you waiting for?