About Fiona Ng

Fiona Ng is a Parenting Coach with significant hands-on experience of working with parents and families in unique contexts. She has undertaken intensive parent coach training through the Jai Institute of Parenting and also holds qualifications in neuro-linguistics programming (NLP) and is a qualified positive parenting workshop facilitator. 


The core of Fiona’s work consists of a therapeutic, conscious relationship that she collaboratively builds with her clients. Fiona provides an empathic, validating approach ensuring clients have the safe space to feel seen, heard, validated and understood as she understands many adults didn’t have these crucial needs met in childhood. Fiona’s work uniquely combines therapy with coaching which helps clients connect their past with their present so they can progressively move forward. 

Many aspects of coaching are future focused without acknowledging the importance of understanding the past – in particular childhood. When a client can’t make sense of their past experiences they struggle to understand why they can’t reach their goals which is why Fiona’s approach combines both the past and the present.

When it comes to parent coaching Fiona does not believe in behavioural management strategies but helps a client uncover the feelings behind a child’s behaviour so they can get to the root problem. Many parenting strategies are outdated, harsh and punitive and Fiona helps a client look at everything from attachment theory to trauma and brain development so a parent can be more educated and informed around their child’s development.

Fiona's work

Fiona works with a wide range of issues including anxiety, self esteem, trauma, childhood issues, emotional neglect, disassociation and behavioural problems in children.

Fiona has a long-list of high-profile clients who have sought help from her over a variety of problems including children’s temper tantrums, bad behaviour, issues with connecting, refusal to listen and anger issues. Fiona works with clients from across the world including Dubai, Australia, America and the UK. 

Fiona does not believe that clients are broken or that they need to be fixed. Fiona uses appropriate self disclosure with clients and recognises that what is revealed inside the client is also inside of herself, noting that all suffering is due to a lack of connection so Fiona helps clients reconnect back to themselves.



Fiona at Tynemouth beach in the north-east of England with her two young daughters.

Fiona's career

Fiona graduated from the University of Central Lancashire in 2008 with a Ba Hons degree in International Tourism Management. Initially she had plans to work overseas but was drawn to the events industry starting of as a sales executive then being promoted quite quickly to an Event Manager for an international hotel chain.

She then took a career break as she gave birth to her daughter in 2015, with her second daughter being born 22 months later in the July of 2017. During this time Fiona created her first business “Happy Me Tea” which is a loose leaf tea brand specialising in wellness teas for pregnancy and motherhood. This was Fiona’s way of trying to reach mums to inject a bit of happiness into those new parent days however she quickly realised that parents needed much more than a wellness cup of tea.

Fiona has been in therapy since 2017 and continues to read avidly on the subject of psychology, parenting and child development. This is where she realised she wanted to connect and help other parents.

She moved forward by doing six months training to be qualified as an NLP  practitioner (Neuro-linguistics programming) and the following year Fiona completed parent coaching training through the Jai Institute of Parenting. Both these trainings provided Fiona with relevant skill sets in order to undertake working with clients 1-1 via zoom, working with parents from all over the world. 

Since this time Fiona has continued her development by qualifying as a Positive Parenting workshop facilitator and has completed  a year long training course with Dr Gabor Maté in his compassionate inquiry which is a psychotherapeutic approach that reveals  what lies beneath the appearance we present to the world. 


Future trainings: Fiona has ambitions to undertake the Internal Family Systems training and also qualify as a Somatic Experienced therapist over the next few years


Fiona's life

A bit from me…

So who am I behind the qualifications?

I am just a parent like you. I am a mother to two daughters age 4 and age 6 and I have a beautiful co-parent relationship with their dad.  As I became a parent I uncovered many of my own unhealed childhood issues which were presenting themselves in my parenting.

“If we are not aware of our own trauma, our own pains, our own fears, we are going to pass it down to our kids.”Dr Gabor Maté

I grew up with a parent who had endured a life time of childhood traumas before he brought me into the world. He had failed suicide attempts, been through the care system as his own parents abandoned him so he was put into a children’s home before moving from pillar to post in foster care. 

Growing up with a parent with mental health issues obviously had an impact on me and my siblings. It is well known that trauma passes down the generations until someone consciously decides to heal.

So here I am.

I believe that we heal our children as we heal ourselves which is why if you are at a point where you realise you want and need support in your parenting then you and your children will go on a beautiful journey together.

When I’m not studying or working 1-1 supporting parents you can find me curled up on my sofa with blankets, candles, a huge cup of tea and a good book!

In my spare time I also like to do salsa dancing lessons, pilates classes and strength training at the gym. 


A-Levels in Psychology, Sociology and Health & Social Care – Barrow Sixth Form College

International Tourism ManagementBA Hons, University of Central Lancashire (2005-2008)

Neuro-linguistics programming practitioner Communicating Excellence. 

Parenting Coaching Certification (2019)- Jai Institute of Parenting.

Positive Parenting workshop facilitator  (2019) – Care for the family.

Compassionate inquiry practitioner  (2020-2021) compassion inquiry with Dr Gabor Maté.

Directory Profiles

Fiona Ng is listed as a verified life coach on the life coach directory – https://www.lifecoach-directory.org.uk/lifecoaches/fiona-ng

Fiona Ng is listed as one of the Bloss Platforms Parenting experts – https://blossapp.com/shop/paid-content/book-fiona-ng-for-virtual-consultations/

Want To Learn How To Be a Conscious Parent?

“I just feel so very blessed to have stumbled upon Fiona and her work.. She is an amazing ambassador and advocate for conscious parenting and yes she gets a gold star from me for her active listening skills, communication, presence and perseverance.”