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Couples Parenting Coaching

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How parenting coaching can improve your relationship?

Many parents find that they are not on the same page as their partner when it comes to parenting.

This is often because we repeat the very same parenting style that was modelled to us from our own parents. It’s surprising that many couples don’t know much about each others childhood’s and how this really impacts how we raise children.

When you embark on couples parent coaching you will first explore your own childhoods and will have an in-depth questionnaire to complete so you can find out more about each others childhood story.

Discussing the questionnaire brings couples closer together as they find themselves opening up on emotional things they perhaps have never discussed. This also helps couple understand one another better and can help them display more empathy when it comes to parenting struggles.


What happens during a couples parenting coaching session?

Often it is common for one parent to desperately want to make changes, where as the other parent can be more resistant especially if they feel that they are being nagged, coerced or given ultimatums.

The coaching sessions will give both parents an opportunity to speak about current concerns, struggles or stresses. Both parents will be given space to be actively listened to. This will help develop your listening skills as you learn to be fully present to hear your partner.

You will explore which parenting style you were raised with and how the two styles may conflict with one another and be creating issues in your relationship.

You will learn how to validate one another's feelings which in turn will help you validate your child's feelings. At the start of each session you will have an opportunity to talk about the strongest feelings which have been arising for you and will have a safe space to offload these feelings with zero judgement.

On the coaching calls you will be able to talk about real life scenarios where you have experienced difficulties with your children and you will be offered different insights and perspectives to help you see things through a different lens which will in-turn will help you have more empathy towards your child.

You will learn a more peaceful way of parenting which moves away from strict discipline and punishments.

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You will be provided with practical tools which you can implement in your family life straight away.

On the coaching calls you will explore what big feelings could be going on behind your child's behaviour and how to relate and emotionally attune to one another.

Over time you will develop emotional intelligence which will not only help you be more strongly connected to your child but will also help you feel more connected to your partner.

In the coaching sessions you will learn about the 5 Love Languages for yourself, your partner and for your children.

My partner won't do coaching what can I do?

It’s completely normal for your partner to have resistance towards wanting to do parent coaching sessions. This is ok as everyone has to go at their own pace and sometimes people aren’t ready.

I often do the first initial session with both parents separately so I can get to know you and know what your intentions are for coaching.

If for whatever reason you decide to commit to these sessions individually they are  still extremely beneficial. Parents often comment that their partner notices the changes in them and wants to learn how they managed to ‘navigate a toddler meltdown’ the way they did or ‘how they were able to be more patient with their kids’. Some people learn by watching and I’ve had many parents tell me that their husband or wife has also adapted a new way of parenting purely from watching them do things differently!

How do sessions take place?

All sessions are through audio calls on Zoom. This means that I work with parents world wide given our time zones work. I am in Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and have worked with clients in England, America, Dubai, Singapore, Canada, Australia, Peru.. amongst others.

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How do I book a coaching session?

To book a session please fill out the short contact form here and I will get back to you within 48 hours.