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Does the Super Nanny Approach Work?

young girl rubbing her eye crying as parent shouts at her

Does the super nanny approach work?

Super Nanny Authoritarian Parenting

Super Nanny is a British Reality Show which first appeared on our screens back in 2004. The show quickly became popular as super nanny was invited to the homes of parents who had “unruly children” who ruled the roost, had behaviour that appeared to be out of control and there definitely was a shock factor when watching the show leaving viewers gobsmacked that children could have such outbursts.

Super Nanny is well known for her ‘naughty step’ methods and timeouts which reflect the power over authoritarian parenting style which has traditionally been the most popular style of parenting.

Many viewers watched the show and took mental notes of the strategies that she was using with families thinking well if a parenting expert on TV is teaching these methods then maybe we should be assertive and implement them too. 

In this video I break down everything that is wrong with this type of parenting style and why the super nanny methods do more harm than good.

Fiona has actually provided is the tools and faith to keep trying and listening, stepping back and seeing what the children are really needing from me. I will really miss our chats because I began to enjoy the act of sharing with another human being, it made me feel less alone and it made me feel like I was doing the right thing.