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Case Studies

If you are thinking about working with a parent coach you are likely wondering what sort of families a parent coach works with.

Parent coaching can help pretty much ALL parents after all no one left hospital with a manual on how to parent children and as children go through developmental stages a parent can find they need more support.

Today parents are more stressed out, burnt out and unsupported then they have ever been. We no longer have the ‘village’ and many parents are finding themselves facing the demands of high pressured careers which leaves very little time to think about parenting and how to positively make some changes.

That’s where parent coaching can come in. Fiona has spent hundreds of hours working with parents ranging from single parent families to families with four, five kids. When Fiona spends time working with families she gets to know the different stressors which are impacting parents and comes to understand what variables are impacting the parent child relationship. Often parents come to Fiona with concerns such as “my child won’t listen” or “my child has angry outbursts” and Fiona helps a parent look at their own listening skills and how they regulate and work through their own anger.

Parents who work closely with Fiona on her 12 week ultimate parenting success course say it’s a life changing process as they come to understand that the root of many of their parenting problems relates closely to their own inner experience and what they are modelling to their children.

Through parent coaching parents learn how to be aware of their feelings and emotions which helps them support their child with their own feelings. Parents learn more about regulating feelings and how to navigate difficult “meltdowns” by learning which pathway their child is on (think fight, flight, freeze) and then they bring in tools to help them in these moments.

No two families are the same and each parents journey is different. If you want to learn more about some of the parent’s Fiona has worked with you can read their case studies below.